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Mr Potato creates a modern spin on your traditional baked potato. Prepared with the freshest of ingredients, customers have the ability to construct their loaded potato in whichever way they please, or choose from our famous pre-loaded menu.


With a large selection of proteins, vegan & vegetarian options, our customers are sure to be satisfied with our extensive range of options - Our entire menu is also 100% gluten-free!


Here at Mr Potato we pride ourselves on providing the best quality produce -We use low carb white potatoes, that have 25% less carbs than your average potato, as well as our crowd favourite golden sweet potato to create your base. 

All of our added options are low-fat, low sugar, low-carb and are overall health conscious, plus our entire range of ingredients are sourced locally within Australia, where possible. 

HOW it all began

Jess Davis - A former model, along with her partner Tyson Hoffmann - 36er’s basketball player, set out on a mission to change the face of fast food in Australia, whilst removing the negative health stigma of the good old fashioned, humble potato.

After getting together in September 2018, the two have had a whirlwind ride since the creation of Mr Potato & the launch of their first ever location in Glenelg SA.

In just one year, what started out as an idea, has fully transformed into a business that could easily change the way Australian’s order fast food.

Their mission - to provide fresh, healthy, fast, educated, nutritious meal choices, on the run, at a very affordable price.

Both Tyson & Jess have come from health conscious backgrounds.
With Tyson being a professional athlete it was important for him to keep a well balanced diet to assist in training and performing at his peak. As for Jess, since entering the model industry at 14 years old, she was always eager to educate herself on the foods she was eating. She was needing to fuel her body correctly, not only to look good, but to keep up with a hectic travel schedule, plus working & training around the clock.

Both Jess & Tyson felt there was a lack of choices when it came to healthy affordable takeaway, both living such crazy lifestyles, they wanted to create something that was quick, simple & filled their nutritional needs. 

And that's where it all started..


Just one week into their relationship, Tyson had said to Jess in a passing comment "I'd love to open a loaded potato store. Something quick, fresh, fast and healthy". He used to finish basketball training every day and cook sweet potato and chicken for dinner. He thought "why doesn't anyone do this as an easy takeaway option?". Within a few days, Jess had put her business brain to use & sent him through the Mr Potato logo, along with a mock menu, plus the start of a business plan.. and that's when Mr Potato was born. 


The two then worked together tirelessly for the next few weeks to finish off the business plan & by the time they had finished, they had already secured their first location. They immediately began planning & set themselves a goal to be open within two weeks. Everyone told them it was impossible. But without a doubt in their minds, they got to work. The two decided to design and build the entire fit-out of the store themselves. Not bad for someone like Tyson who had never picked up a tool in his life.

It was a full on couple of weeks, learning new skills & watching you-tube tutorials, but against all odds, they did it. - okay, so in the end it may have taken them a total of 3 weeks, but who's really counting. 


Opening time came & they were under the impression that business would be off to a slow start, that they would "ease themselves into it". But within the first week of opening, the two experienced the un-imaginable - a line up out the door & customers flooding in to try the brand new Mr Potato craze.

Fast forward to today, Mr Potato has expanded across Australia to multiple states, and is love by hundreds of thousands of Aussie's who can't get enough of the Mr Potato brand.

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